Saturday, August 25, 2007

I Want To Be Christine!

Last night I went to a friend of mine's house.

She's got like EVERY MOVIE known to man, so I grabbed a few I wanted to bring home to watch.

She convinced me to watch one there with her "because she'd seen in like 40 times, and would totally see it again."
So, even though it would effectively have me returning home at like 3am, we popped it in to watch it.

The movie version of "Phantom of the Opera" (Andrew Lloyd Webber's, of course.)

Um, after viewing it, I can safely say that for the first time I was actually PISSED at Christine for not choosing the Phantom!! Even WITH a deformity, that man just Oooooozed sex! Personally, I'd deal with the deformity.

Holy cow! friend and I were trying to figure out where we'd seen the guy before...what other movies he'd been in....and thinking that obviously he (as well as Christine) was probably just acting the part, with a voice over doing the singing.

Not so much.

After some research, not only did they BOTH do their own singing for the parts, but the Phantom is the same actor that played King Leonidas in "300".

Um, well no WONDER he ooozed sex!

AND he can sing?

Yes, Please!

So, to prove my point, here are some videos from the movie:


Did I mention he's also Scottish?


Chase said...

MAN, I love that guy. Gerard Butler? Isn't that is name? He's so freaking hot. Even with all that hair in 300, I wanted to bone him. GRRRAR.

adena said...

Yeah, Gerard Butler.

Grrrar is right!!

Me said...

Yeah well now I'm gonna hafta go watch both these movies just 'cuz he's in 'em. I fell for this guy when he was in the 2nd Tomb Raider. That Angie ... first Brad then Mr. Butler ... siiiiiiigh. She gets all the good ones. :o)

adena said...


Yeah, the second Tomb Raider...Grrrowl! I rememeber watching that when it first came out, thinking "Who's the Scottish guy?? MMMmmmm...Scottish Guy!"
(I have a HUGE thing for that accent!)

Anyhow, he's in "Reign of Fire" too, which is a horrifically BAD movie, despite it being about dragons. I initially got it BECAUSE of the dragons and Christian Bale...but, then I lost interest in Christian when his best friend in the movie (Mr. Butler) started to talk. Ha! He dies halfway through...I lost interest after that. :)