Thursday, August 16, 2007

I Pity His Future Wife

My son, who is newly 2 years old, is laying on the couch.

I hear him say "DAMMIT!"

I look over, and he repeats himself. "DAMMIT!"

I roll my eyes. I guess it could be WORSE swearing. So, I ask him "What are you damning?"

And HE says....

"The remote is up there." (Pointing to the top of the entertainment center.) "I need it on the couch."

Typical man. Already.


Jessie said...


Dave2 said...

If he were scratching his balls while he was screaming for the remote... that could have been ME!


adena said...

He points out his penis a lot...does that count?

Neil said...

The do say that your identity is pretty much set by age 2.

Sizzle said...

i'd probably say the same thing...come to think of it, i have been accused of being too in touch with masculine side. heh. ;)