Monday, July 18, 2005

Ah, The Sweet Smell of Morning

My lovely, joyous, WONDERFUL daily drive to take martin to work....
I look forward to it, EVERY MORNING, when the alarm goes off at 5 am...

Ahh...good times.

Anyhow, on the way home today, i smell this horrific smell. I figure i passed by some sort of roadkill on the country highway i was on, and it would soon go away. But, still persisted.
Then, i notice that the car in front of me keeps backing away from the truck in front of it....
All of the sudden, my car is enveloped in a fine mist that smells like a mixture of rotten milk, dirty baby diapers, and possibly a few dead people. I have no windshield wiper fluid in my resevoirs, so i can't wipe this mixture off my windshield. PLUS, my vent is on, so the inside of the car got a full hit, as well.

SO, apparently, the giant truck is some hauling some sort of pureed garbage mess (although there are no markings to indicate it's a garbage truck of any sort), and it periodically is LEAKING this mess out onto the highway at like 60 MPH. So, in turn, it's covering the cars behind it in a bath O'crap.

There's no way we can pass on this road, so we have to deal w/ said "bath" for about 7 miles.
Fun times.

Now, in my fat, pregnant state, i have to take my car to one of those "wash your car yourself, you slave" places, and clean my poor garbaged Celica.

Fun Times.

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