Sunday, July 17, 2005

Save Toby!

My friend led me to this site ages ago, and I had forgotten about it.

Save Toby!

I decided to check up on how Toby was doing....I think his "original" demise date was like June of this year... Apparently, that date has changed.

Now...maybe I'm demented (I know, I know...this is rhetorical), but i find this hilarious. If you have time, read his "Updates" section, and check out his hate mail. People take this WAAAAY too seriously.

Honestly, morons, i highly doubt he's serious. It's actually a BRILLIANT marketing plan! Who WOULDN'T want to save a hapless bunny?

Now, I have bunny issues, myself. My crazy sister-in-law (who i hate w/ the intensity of a thousand suns), decided one year to breed rabbits for food. Now, I can't kill animals...i feel bad if i hit a bird w/ my car. So, imagine how traumatized i was to walk into her kitchen, and see about 20 bunnies, lined up on her counter, splayed out, gutted, and partially skinned. Yeah, that was the stuff of nightmares.

Anyhow....for those that don't really deal w/ wildlife....Bunnies do not die quietly. THEY SCREAM LIKE PEOPLE!! Apparently, my crazy sister-in-law convinced my brother that the best way to kill a bunny was to bop it on the head w/ a baseball bat.

So, he tried it....

Well, he wasn't that good at it, to begin with. So, imagine how traumatized AGAIN i was, to be laying in bed, and hear what i assumed to be a PERSON being brutalized outside my bedroom window....

I swear, I'm surprised i don't need therapy...

Anyhow, even w/ all that....I don't worry for the safety of poor Toby.
I'm sure he'll be fine, and get to eat pesticide free carrots for the rest of his bunny-ish life....because his owner is going to make a fortune threatening to kill him.

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Stacey said...

Um, you DO need therapy...

Honestly, your sis-in-law should have been a member of MY family. She'd fit right in with the rest of the bunny-boilers. In fact, she'd probably be considered the sane one. A position I will hotly defend with my fish-gutting knife. Yes, I have one. I'll cut you.