Saturday, July 23, 2005

Ghost Pic (?)

So, I thought I lost this on the remains of me laptop, but I found it in my email.

I was at the Winchester house a couple years ago, and took loads of pictures.

There were lots of orbs in various pictures, but they don't impress me THAT much, as who knows if they're really orbs, or just dust/water particles.

So, anyhow, this one kinda intrigued me. I drew circles around the orbs (?), but there is also a circle around the doorway.

The thing is, it almost looks like an old lady, with her hair up, and it's REALLY short, and so was the late mrs. winchester. So, who knows.

Opinions? Thoughts? Comments?


Jessie said...

Could be a group of orbs, but it DOES kinda look like a face. Creepy ol' Winchester...that bitch had it coming

Stacey said...

She looks like a muppet.

adena said...

Well, she didn't let herself be photographed.
Maybe it's because she DID look like a muppet!! :)