Saturday, July 23, 2005

Ghost Stories...

Various blogs were talking about ghost pictures, and their ghost experiences, so I thought I'd share, too...

I've had a lot, my friends in Cali say i "attract them". Haha. Yeah, I'm a big, blinking neon light for ghosts. Riiiight. I don't buy that as much as I just went ghost hunting a lot, and ran into some. I'm not scared of them, so maybe i just am more open to dealing w/ that stuff. I have lots of stories. Maybe I'll do a story a post, or something.

Anyhow, Oregon has some crazy ghost sites. One of the best ones was a nursery that's near the town i'm moving back to. It's a giant nursery, that is supposedly built on un-sacred Indian Burial grounds. (where they buried people like murderers, suicides, etc...)

Martin used to do security work there, and we'd go hang out in the middle of the night w/ him. One night, we brought a group of people, and decided to look around. Martin was always talking about the weird stuff that would happen there, so we were intrigued. It was me, another girl, and like 5 boys. When we first got there, the lights on the front door were doing this flickering, weird thing. Electrical currents, big time. The boys took off in one direction, and my (female) friend and I decided to go the other. We walked into this courtyard that is in the center of the building complex. All of the sudden, we could hear this really light, airy music. It wasn't COMING from anywhere....just like it was coming from the air. It was really strange. We turned and looked into the building, and saw this white lady....She was just walking through the building, on the other side of the glass. Translucent, kinda glowy...but, we just watched her. Did NOT feel like she was any sort of threat.

So, then, we hear the guys being really loud, and go to investigate. We see them all huddled together, watching this alcove that's above the front door. IN the alcove there is this....Darkness. It wasn't a defined shape, but it was definately not part of the night. It was darker, than any area around it, and it kept MOVING. The guys were pointing and all excited, and my friend that saw the white lady w/ me kept telling them to stop it, to stop egging it on, that it liked the attention.

They didn't listen to her, and it kept...growing, and getting closer to us. So, all of the sudden, my friend just collapsed. I freaked out, and went to help her up, saying that we needed to get out of there. The black thing didn't really scare me that bad, I knew it was pretty evil, but I was more worried about my friend.

Anyhow, as i went to go help her up, she sat up and looked at me, and it wasn't HER anymore. SHE wasn't behind her eyes....they were almost blank, but there was something there that wasn't...her. Then, she raises her hand to me, to stop me from helping her, and says something in some language that none of us had ever heard before. Then she starts SPEAKING to the dark thing in this language. It started receding into the alcove, and after a while, it disappeared.
After it was gone, my friend came back, for lack of a better explaination. She all of the sudden was back in her skin. She doesn't remember anything that happened, tho, from the time we got there, til the time we left. When it first happened, for one horrible second, i thought it was the black thing that took her over, but when i saw he was still in the alcove, i figured it must've been the white lady. We think she is there to kinda keep the bad spirits in check...and used my friend's body to yell at him, and tell him to leave us alone. That's the only reason I can think of for what happened.

Anyhow, I went back a few nights later. My friend (not martin) that was working security night there that night was freaked out, and wanted me to come down and walk the rounds w/ him. So, we did the rounds kinda uneventfully, UNTIL we got underneath the alcove. He looked up, freaked out, and ran back to the guard shack. I looked up, and saw the dark shape. Only this time I was closer, and I could see his face. Well, what he HAD for a face. It was more like just a blackness, and some eyes. They were not friendly eyes. However, apparently i'm made of stronger stuff than my wimpy security guard friend, because I didn't run. I just sat there and watched him for a little bit, and apparently he got bored that I wasn't scared, and he left.
But, I never went back there again. I'm kinda curious now about what it's like now. I don't know anybody that still works there, tho, so I don't have an "in" to get back in the gates at night.

Too bad.


Jessie said...

Ok, first of all, if you wanna know about the ghosts in Oregon, read the book "Fugitives and Refugees: A Walk Through Portland Oregon" by Chuck Palahniuk. Hes my favorite, and that book has a whole thing in it about the different haunted places you can go to, kinda interesting. Secondly, your little dark figure friend was more than likely a shaddow person, or a shaddower. Not much is known about them, and we arent even sure that they are ghosts, there has even been speculation that they might be aliens or an animal of some sort. Do a google search. And, as for your winchester house picture, Id sure like to see it. I was there back in 02, and I got some beautiful pictures of the place, but no ghost pics. Though a friend of mine got a picture of the seance (sp) room and its nothing but light swirls and ectoplasms...pretty cool stuff.

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