Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Mercury in Retrograde?

This has been the week from hell.....

Stacey says Mecury is in Retrograde, and that means that weird shit happens at a regular pace...
I think i buy that after the last few days!!

So, martin gets a phone call on Sunday morning...His best friend is hysterical on the other end. Just found out that his dad and grandma were killed in an accident outside of Redding, CA on Saturday. His mom and little brother were injured. Apparently she swerved to avoid a car, and rolled down an embankment. So, totally "BOOM" shocker...was not expecting it.

So, this is martin's friend since he was like 6. After martin's dad died, this guy became like a surregate dad. So, yeah...not good, especially after Jay in November.

So, we rush up to see his friend immediately, and martin spends the day doing funeral arrangements, and helping his Best Friend through all the stuff that needed to be done. Sad to say, but we know the routine.

Anyhow, as if that wasn't bad enough, on Monday, martin's over visiting our neighbor's house, who he is really close to. They get a phone call about the neighbor's brother in law. This guy used to live at the neighbor's, so we got to know him pretty well, too...martin hung out w/ him a lot. So, apparently, HE DIES ON MONDAY. He had leukemia, and didn't know about it. Had not been to the doc for a physical in ever, like most guys, and he ended up getting pneumonia, but on top of the leukemia, it killed him.

So, total shocker there, too...no one expected that, no one knew he was sick. He was only like 30-something.

So, martin spent most of the night over there, helping THEM get everything sorted out.

Poor thing, he is totally exhausted, mentally and physically, and I'm sitting here wondering what's next....

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Stacey said...

Good news is, around the 3rd or 4th is a good time to make positive things happen. Try to have the kid on the 3rd or 4th. Okay? Deal?